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Janet Ikeda, MA

Research Study Coordinator


Janet Ikeda is a research study coordinator at CSUH. She received her Master’s of Education from Stanford University and trained at the Center for AIDS Prevention Studies at UCSF. Janet went to Guatemala on a Fulbright Scholarship and then became a fellow at the CDC outpost at the Universidad del Valle studying the interrelationship of the TB and HIV pandemics in rural Guatemala.


Janet collaborated in the design and piloting of an inclusive primary care program and installed an HIV clinic in a regional TB hospital reducing the mortality of co-infected patients from 77% to 27%. Her research focuses on TB biomarkers for Improving TB diagnosis among HIV patients and HIV prevention among Indigenous MSM and transgender individuals.


In her free time, Janet enjoys cooking on her vintage Wedgewood gas stove.

Headshot of Janet Ikeda

Complete list of publications can be found at:

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