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Are you interested in joining a research team that's helping reduce harm for people who use drugs?

The Center on Substance Use and Health might be the right place for you!

We conduct pharmacologic and behavioral interventions and observational studies to maximize the health outcomes of people who use alcohol, methamphetamine, opioids, and other substances. We work with people who are actively using substances, and focus on meeting their goals related to their substance use, including reduction in use, in harms, prevention or treatment of infectious diseases, or prevention of drug overdose. We conduct research in a community-based environment in downtown San Francisco, with the facilities and resources needed to perform complex clinical research studies. We also conduct related programmatic and implementation activities. We are proud to treat people who use substances with respect and dignity and enjoy a close-knit culture of intellectual curiosity and collaboration.


Testimonial from our previous Recruitment Assistant on his time at CSUH:

"It's so hard to put into words how special my time at CSUH has been. This work has seen me through a major transition in my life from being a teacher for the 10 years prior to becoming a nurse. From the day I started, I knew that this was an organization with heart (and brains! …And guts!). Truly, I’m so proud to have been part of CSUH and contributed in even the smallest way to the important work in constructing the evidence that the medical community, policy makers and general public need in order to understand and optimize the health status of substance using communities."

Current openings

Please submit resumes and cover letters through Heluna Health by clicking the link to the full job description.

The Center on Substance Use and Health (CSUH) at the San Francisco Department of Public Health invites applications for the full-time position of Research Associate. Under the supervision of the Program Manager, the Research Associate will be responsible for a wide variety of duties and projects related to behavioral and pharmacologic studies in the fields of HIV prevention and substance use. The Research Associate will support the investigators of this close-knit research team in the conduct of research protocols within the guidelines of Good Clinical Practice, be responsible for screening potential participants over the phone or in-office, obtaining informed consent, and proactively managing participant scheduling and conducting study visits. The RA will also perform rapid STI/HIV tests, STI/HIV risk reduction counseling, conduct substance use and medication adherence counseling using principles of harm reduction, and conduct retention efforts for participants over the course of study follow-up schedule.


This is a temporary, grant-funded, full-time, benefitted position. Employment is provided by Heluna Health. View the application and apply here.

We are an Affirmative Action, Equal Opportunity Employer that encourages minorities, women, veterans, and those who are disabled to apply.

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