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How a little pill created a big change for me...

John Farley, Recruitment and Community Relations Manager

February 2nd, 2023

Our Say When results were recently published which showed statistically significant promise that oral naltrexone taken on an as-needed basis could reduce alcohol use. It was Dr. Santos' study that inspired me to explore naltrexone.

I started the medication with the intention of harm reduction/reducing my alcohol consumption. My journey eventually took me to taking naltrexone on a daily basis. I took the medication for 9 months and I realized I didn't need it anymore. This was combined with group support and 1:1 individualized therapy around my substance use. I celebrated my 7 years sober on October 16th, 2022.

We all have different relationships with alcohol and other substances. This was mine. Thank you, Milo.

Check out this great article below that highlights Dr. Santos and his novel approach to treating alcohol use.

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