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What World AIDS Day Means To Me in the World of Harm Reduction

December 1st, 2022

K.C. McNaughton, Research Associate and Harm Reduction Community Worker

Today is #WorldAIDSDay and I want to thank people living with HIV for my career.

My name is K.C., I work in HIV prevention and substance use research, and I am HIV-negative. I have worked with countless people living with HIV. I have delivered numerous HIV positive results. I can recite HIV prevention strategies in my sleep. I have issued thousands of sterile needles. I have logged hundreds of hours counseling people on safer sex practices. But the moment I deliver an HIV-positive result, that person instantly knows more about HIV than I do.

We, as public health researchers get a lot of pats on the back for the population health work we do - but we are nothing without the wisdom and generosity of people living with HIV, those who've lost their lives to HIV, their partners, sex workers and people who use drugs. I stand with you, I remain committed to this community, and want to thank you again for giving me meaning in my work.

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