PubMed Update - October 2019

The PubMed Updates, published monthly, contain the most up-to-date scientific research and expert commentary related to opioid overdose, risks and contributing factors, and overdose prevention. Dr. Phillip Coffin - Medical Director at CSUH - provides a brief commentary on the articles released each month. When Dr. Coffin began this work in 2011, updates often didn't contain more than two articles per month, whereas now 20+ articles per month is common. You can find the PubMed Updates archives on PrescribeToPrevent.org.

Click HERE to access the October 2019 PubMed Update.

Thanks again to Rebecca Martinez, Cathleen Beliveau, Nicola Gerbino, Irene Liu, Reva Swiedler, and Matthew McLaughlin for collaborating to produce these summaries!

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